How to Start Your Claim for Benefits

How do I apply for Social Security benefits?

How does the SSA determine whether I am disabled?

I have heard that there are many different types of benefits available. How many different types of Social Security disability benefits are there?

I worked full-time 15 years prior to becoming disabled. Is that enough time to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits?

How to Win Your Social Security Disability Claim

How does the SSA define disability? In other words, what constitutes a person being considered disabled by the SSA?

How to Choose a Winning Strategy for your Disability Claim

Who Actually Makes the Decisions in my Case?   A Claims Rep?  A Judge?  Someone Else?

Why does Social Security consider my age in determining whether I am disabled?

I have a serious but relatively uncommon medical condition. Is there a list of illnesses that Social Security considers disabling?

What happens if I try to return to work after I apply?  Can I get a “closed period” of disability if I do return to work?

How can I improve my chances of receiving Social Security disability?

 What Happens at a Social Security Disability Hearing?

How do I Request a Hearing?

What Happens at a Social Security disability hearing?

How do I Testify Most Effectively at my Hearing?

 Choosing a Lawyer

Why should I choose Jonathan Ginsberg to represent me in my Social Security disability case?

Social Security Disability and Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claims

I have reached MMI and my doctor says I cannot return to work. Should I file for Social Security Disability benefits?

Should I File a Social Security Disability claim before I settle my workers’ comp. claim?