Don’t Forget About Concussions

Recently there have been a number of news articles about former professional athletes suing leagues for medical complications arising from concussions.  It turns out that concussions are very common in sports that involve physical play, such as football, hockey and, of course, boxing. This year, I have already tried two cases on behalf of former […]

Beware of Easily Offended Judges

I recently posted a case study describing a case I tried involving a woman with a variety of well documented and severe medical problems.   This case was initially tried by another lawyer before a judge who denied it despite a very strong medical record that pointed to a finding of disability. After the hearing claim […]

Delay in Applying for Disability Requires Explanation

Just this past week, I have tried two disability cases in which my client stopped working but did not apply for disability for 5 years (in one case) and for 10 years (in the other).  These cases were tried before different judges but in both instances, the judge expressed a great deal of concern with […]

New Depression Case Study Posted

I just posted a new case study about a case I tried on behalf of a 49 year old male with a college education and skilled past work.  My client suffers from severe depression, anger control issues and inappropriate social behavior. This case study highlights an issue that often appears in depression cases.  People who […]

Work Attempts Before and After a Finding of Disability

An issue that arises more and more in my disability practice relates to work attempts by claimants.  Generally, I advise my clients that unsuccessful work attempts prior to their hearings can be valuable and convincing evidence.  Judges appreciate claimants who are trying to remain working and her are willing to try to work through pain […]

Why Would an Obviously Disabled Person Not Qualify for Social Security Disability?

I recently received an email from the relative of a person who likely qualifies for Social Security disability in terms of her medical issues, but perhaps is not eligible on non-medical grounds: I have a brother who lives in your state and his wife has become disabled. She is in a wheelchair now. They talked […]

Can I Apply for Georgia Unemployment and SSDI at the Same Time?

With the recent downturn in the economy, I sometimes represent disability clients who stopped working because of both a chronic medical problem and a layoff.   Recently, for example, I represented a client who had been handling media relations for a large company before being laid off because of a lack of business. During the last […]

Vocational Expert (VE) Witnesses and SSDI Hearings

The Value of a Vocational Expert in a Disability Hearing In a recent post, we discussed the Medical Expert witness in Social Security Disability hearings. In this post, we will turn our attention to yet another witness that is often called upon by the SSA to help shed light on your specific case – the […]

Medical Expert (ME) Witnesses and SSDI Hearings

The Benefits of a Medical Expert Witness in a Social Security Hearing At a Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits claim hearing, the services of an SSA-provided Medical Expert (or ME) are often called upon. Typically, this individual is a retired physician who comes in to summarize your medical records so that the Judge will […]